Frequently Asked Questions

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General & Pricing

What is Segmind?

Segmind is a complete MLOps platform. Segmind creates a streamlined workflow for developing AI applications for your organization. You can learn more about how Segmind offers better efficiency in a single applcation across the MLOps lifecycle from here.

Is Segmind free?

Segmind's Learner plan is free. You can know more about features offered in the Learner plan from here.

How does pricing work?

Segmind is very simple. You are charged a monthly subscription fee that includes certain amount of compute hours. When you exceed that, your are charged for the machines that you use.

What payment methods are accepted?

When purchasing via our application you may pay via credit card. We also accept payment via check and wire in select circumstances. To get help on this, please contact our sales team via our contact us page.

Segmind Juno

Which cloud provider do you use?

Depends on your account type. For Individual accounts, we might choose the instance from any one of our cloud partners including AWS, GCP and E2E. The location is determined by location proximity and availability to optimize your experience. For teams and enterprise accounts, you can choose between multiple cloud providers, availability zones.

What is One-click Jupyter Notebook?

One-click jupyter notebooks are customizable, no-setup Jupyter Notebook environments. The underlying complex infrastructure is managed by Segmind to help you quickly develop ML models of any size.

Why should I pay for Jupyter NB when I can use Google Colab?

Segmind is built for professional ML teams with complete control of the infrastructure and Environment. To start of, there is no timeout limit. Also, you are free to choose the GPU of your choice. You can even scale to multi GPU machines.

How do I customize & save my environment in Jupyter?

Your notebook environment is saved automatically when you stop it. To customize your environment, simply install, update or remove packages. If base images such as Tensorflow and PyTorch don't work for you, you can bring your own docker containers. contact us to know more.

Which GPU machines do you offer?

A offer a range of affordable high end CPU-only and GPU instances with single and multi-GPU configurations. You can check the list of instances here.

Can I connect my AWS or GCP account to Segmind Juno?

Yes. Except for the free account, all paid plans allow you to connect to your cloud provider of choice using a simple IAM based integration. Contact us and some one from our team will help you connect your AWS/GCP accounts.

Segmind Track

How is it different from Tensorboard?

What Tensorboard captures is only a part of what is needed to reproduce models. With Segmind Track, you capture not just the metrics but also the hyperparameters, code, environment, model files, prediction files and other artifacts needed to reproduce your model.

Who owns the data?

You own your data. All the data logged to Segmind is yours, no exception. We treat your private data, source code, or trade secrets as confidential and private, as consistent with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

What is an artifact and artifact storage limit?

Artifact includes anything you log to track as a file object. Datasets, Model checkpoint files, tensorboard files, predictions or any other file you need to associate with a run. Total limit on artifact storage is dependent on your subscription plan.

Is there any limit number of projects or runs?

There is no limit on the number of projects or runs per project.

Does it work with Jupyter?

Yes. We offer one-click jupyter notebooks to get you started with development. You can choose between a traditional notebook interface or the advance Jupyter Lab IDE.

What frameworks do you support?

We currently support Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch and XGBoost. Check out our documentation for more information.


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