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Segmind enables individuals and teams to quickly develop, track, and collaborate on deep learning models.

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Get Nvidia GPU instances of your choice . Perfect for Kaggle competitions.

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  • Choose your GPU before the run.
  • Save your container state. Never lose your progress.
  • Change your instances seamlessly to save costs.
  • Ideal for Kaggle competitions. Faster CPUs and GPUs.

MLOps for real world
machine learning

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Get $5 worth free credits when you sign up.
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Juno Pricing

You can use Segmind Juno either on On-Demand mode by paying as-you-go or by pre-purchasing credits. To move to pay-as-you-go (on-demand) model, contact us.


for 5 credits.

Around 10 Hours of powerful NVIDIA T4 GPU Instance. Credits can also be used for other CPU and GPU machines. Segmind Juno comes with 1-Click Jupyter notebooks, managed instances and container (docker) lifecycle and more. Click here to know more.

Track Pricing

You are charged based on the amount of storage you use to store artifacts. Popular packages for pre-purchasing:




$20 / mo


$100 / mo

Segmind Track comes with experiment tracking, artifact management, unlimited projects, runs and no. of artifacts. Click here to know more.

How Pricing Works

Pricing for Segmind is based on the volume of data you store in Segmind and the compute time you use. For more information, read our pricing guide or contact us.

Working on an Open Source project?

We provide free licenses to qualifying open source projects and educational institutions, learn more →.

Used by data scientist and practitioners at

Harward-university yale-university skylark-drones IIIT-Hyderabad Carnegie Mellon University


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