The complete DLCV platform

Accelerate the development of AI applications with a platform that integrates all the tools and libraries for deep learning engineers. Get reliable models,
faster for your application or research.

Experiment Better

Lightweight advance experiment management tool. Use model performance gauging tools and efficiently carry out multiple experiments, to get the best results from the neural network.

Develop Faster

Use high performance implementations of multiple state-of-the-art networks.
C-RAL library, or bring your own network. Keep evolving the model with new incoming data.

Deploy Easier

Optimize your model for inference. Tools to help you get the best performance: on cloud or on a edge device. Get model usage analytic and performance data so your users get the best experience.

Library built on top of Tensorflow for data scientists and engineers

C-RAL Library

C-RAL library encourages rapid development and comes with pragmatic tools for a variety of applications.

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Product Image
Product Image

Advance faster by organizing your work

Segmind Tracking

Log and track everything, visualize and compare runs, collaborate with your team and get to your final model faster.

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