What is Segmind™ Edge

Edge is a Computer Vision Platform

Segmind Edge helps solve urgent business needs, faster and drive up data scientist's productivity. A true end to end platform to create, deploy and manage computer vision pipelines with deep learning core. It comes with built in network algorithms & pre/post processing algorithms so that you can focus on your data science tasks.

Pre-built networks

High performance implementations of multiple neural networks to experiment with. For advance data scientists, get complete control over the data, network and training hyperparameters

Experiment Tracking & Improvement

Use model performance gauging tools and efficiently carry out multiple experiments, to get the best results from the neural network. Keep improving the model with new incoming data.

Hybrid Training/Deployment

Complete control over your data. Train & Deploy On-premise or on cloud providers like AWS or GCP.

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Looking to build better deep learning product at scale?

Simplifying and accelerating the creation and management of computer vision solutions.

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Artificial Intelligence for
Remote Sensing

Segmind Edge add-on for satellite and aerial imagery analytics, powered by deep learning. Allows for fast & interactive pipeline development to achive results faster.

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